Endodontics (root canal therapy) is a branch of dental medicine that deals with etiology, diagnostics and different methods of treating damaged, irritated and ill dental pulp – tooth nerve. Pulp inflammation (pulpitis) is most commonly caused by penetration of bacteria from the surrounding dental tissues affected by caries (tooth decay). Pain occurring during pulpitis is intense and it becomes more intense by external irritations.


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If not treated on time, this inflammation becomes chronic and often the infection spreads into the tissues surrounding the apex of the root and chronic periapical lesions develop (“pustule”, “cyst”…). Reactivation of chronic inflammation often occurs, with consequential pain and swelling of the cheek, the region beneath the eye, sublingual region…

Root canal treatment implicates creating access to root canals, mechanical cleaning of the debris, irrigation with disinfection solutions and canal filling with the appropriate material. Apart from the classical “manual” processing of root canals, we also provide machine canal processing by using Ni-Ti-Instruments, canal filling with Thermafil technique; we use modern appliances and materials of the renowned manufacturer Dentsply.


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