The main ingredient of hyaluronic fillers is hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in our body, especially the skin. When aging, the quantity of this substance is reduced, which is the reason why the skin loses its freshness and turgor, and why wrinkles appear.


Anti-aging treatments


By applying fillers to the specific points of the face and neckline, we can erase the signs of aging. As this substance is natural ingredient of our body – hyaluronic fillers are safe and do not cause allergies. The treatment is done with surface anesthesia, by direct injection of fillers into the skin, in small quantities, whereby ultra-fine needles are used.

Hyaluronic acid in form of gel is used to fill wrinkles on the face, correction of face and lips asymmetry, hydration or augmentation of lips, correction of scars and rejuvenation of the face and neckline.