Orthodontics is the branch of dental medicine that deals with prevention and treatment of malpositioned teeth and jaws, in both children and adults.



The objective of orthodontic therapy is not only achieving esthetics; good position of the teeth is also important for the health of mastication muscles, TM joint and the entire chewing system. Proper teeth position also facilitates oral hygiene, which reduces the risk of tooth decay and periodontal diseases.



Orthodontic treatment can be carried out by using:

– Removable orthodontic appliances, in mixed dentition (both primary and permanent teeth are present);

– Fixed orthodontic braces, in permanent teeth;

– Combination – using removable and then fixed appliance.

Dental clinic Kovačević Dental offers modern orthodontic treatment that includes both mobile and fixed appliances and braces (removable appliances, classical “metal” braces, esthetic ceramic braces …).